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What's the Story?

Since my visit to the U.S. in 1997 I'm fascinated by the multi-tools of Leatherman. When I returned back in the Netherlands I bought myself a Leatherman Super tool and it's fitting Tool Adapter. Not long after that I got a job as a Technical Educational Assistant in a brand new chemical and physics lab.  A lot of things had to be done to make the lab a good working place. All tools I could find were a hammer and some old pliers which had their best time. No need for panic as my Leatherman was always with me. Even the saw goes through wood as a warm knife through butter. Theirs only one action I much regret...

On a day I found two wooden crates with a lot of danger signs on it. The label told me they contained concentrated hydrochloric acid and concentrated ammonia, both chemicals you can't have enough on a school's laboratory. Since I couldn't find anything looking like a crowbar I decided to use the diamond file for the job. With a enormous amount of force I could remove the lid of the first crate. The second was even harder to open and at some stage I decided to stand on the handles to create as much possible force. Well, the crate didn't open, but unfortunately my file broke of. I guess warranty doesn't cover that...