Some sellers try to sell you a G-Shock that isn't a real G-Shock. The first thing you must always check if it is a Casio watch. Some sellers place intentional blurry photo's of the watch on the auction. Here I display some fake G-Shocks that I have found in 10 minutes time. Some Fake G-Shocks have texts like S-Shock or Super-G written in the place where normally see G-Shock.   Scroll down to see fake Baby-G's!

Fake G-Shocks:








Fake Baby-G's

Some sellers say that it is a Fake Baby-G, others sell it as a Baby-G. Most of them have resin watch bands, but I have seen them with cloth band and even double Velcro too. They are easy recognizable. Under the protector there is no Casio logo but the text Baby-G, as you can see on the bigger pictures of the red and yellow one.